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In practice: Enhancing workforce productivity with D&A

Enhancing workforce productivity with D&A

KPMG firms help organizations turn data into competitive advantage.


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How are KPMG firms helping leading organizations leverage D&A to enhance workforce productivity?

Recognizing the critical role that D&A plays in maximizing performance across the extended enterprise, KPMG member firms are helping organizations implement analytics in their day-to-day operations in areas such as HR and workforce management.

For one leading global banking group, the challenge was to drive improved value from its branch workforce. The organization recognized that customer preferences were changing and, as a result, performance requirements for branch employees had changed. The organization wanted to identify the workforce management processes driving branch performance and customer engagement. And then they wanted to take action to influence them.

Working with KPMG in the UK, the organization was able to integrate valuable data from across the enterprise – branch data, HR data, customer data and financial data – to form a reliable and coherent picture of how their people drive business performance.

With this information, the global banking group was then able to develop a balanced view of their ‘optimal’ workforce which, in turn, has enabled the organization to better define its standards practices and processes to influence overall branch performance.

KPMG’s global network of professionals knows how to turn data into real and reliable and operational insights that help organizations optimize their performance.

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