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Attract, retain, and manage the right GBS talent

Attract, retain, and manage the right GBS talent

Talent is the number one challenge for Global Business Services


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Attracting, retaining, and managing skilled talent will be the Number One concern facing most global companies for the foreseeable future, according to a recent KPMG study1.

While GBS organizations continue to place significant emphasis on attracting external talent, many are failing to adequately analyze and remediate their current capabilities to develop and retain existing internal talent.

Better utilization of techniques such as workforce analytics to identify and assess talent is needed. However, lacking adequate analytical skills, many organizations are unable to determine if untapped talent exists internally, resulting in efforts being focused on the more costly acquisition of external talent.

View our GBS Talent report (PDF 146.1 KB) to learn about the four key challenges facing organizations, steps that can be taken to address the challenges and the critical questions to consider about talent.


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