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Turning customer insight into action: Revisiting the power of segmentation in business

Turning customer insight into action

In the age of the customer, the winners will believe in the power of segmentation.


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Getting value from customer analysis and segmentation

Big data, along with increasingly sophisticated analytical tools, has given us a wealth of information on customer behavior and attitudes. But if companies want to gain value from segmentation, it must become a dynamic part of business decision-making – rather than an occasional research exercise.

In this article, we argue that segmentation should evolve with changing customer expectations and behavior, to ensure that brand propositions, routes to market, and other components of the customer experience remain relevant.

For a customer-centric business, the customer should be a constant reference point and an integral part of strategy. Operationally, segmentation should be the driving force behind differentiated pricing and channels, innovative sub-brands, and up- and cross-selling of a wider range of products and services.

This means embracing real-time data analysis to build active segmentation models. It also calls for a culture where customer insight is seen as one of your most valuable resources, putting the full weight of the company behind achieving a great customer experience.

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