KPMG and Microsoft Data & Analytics Strategy Services

Realizing transformative value from data

Combining KPMG professionals’ D&A capabilities, methodologies, and technology solutions with Microsoft’s advanced technologies can enable you to make better business decisions faster; engage customers, employees, and vendors more meaningfully; and create competitive advantage.


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In a world inundated with data, companies are becoming proficient at collecting information, but most still struggle to convert data into actionable insight, and insight into tangible business value. Leading companies with mature Data & Analytics (D&A) strategies are harnessing the power of data by accessing multiple internal and external data sources and breaking down silos within the organization as they do so. They are using sophisticated techniques to produce accurate insights and improve the quality and repeatability of the analytics solutions they implement.

Now is the time to develop an actionable D&A strategy and future state vision that deliver measureable benefits in cost reduction, revenue growth, and risk management. KPMG member firms and Microsoft can help.

KPMG and Microsoft D&A Strategy Services

Based on a thorough understanding of enterprise objectives, KPMG member firms’ D&A Strategic Transformation professionals assist organizations in assessing current D&A capabilities, constructing a strategy to help capitalize on high-value use cases, developing a road map from the current state to future vision, and ultimately support implementing new capabilities. Because KPMG member firms consider people/organizations, processes, data, technology, and analytical approaches, companies undergoing strategic transformation are able to make better informed decisions by executing D&A processes that align with strategic goals.

KPMG member firms’ strategy for D&A on the cloud provides the prerequisites for adoption of the KPMG – Microsoft D&A platform: a navigational tool for business transformation combining data, technology solutions, and services powered by Microsoft’s hyperscale, enterprise-grade, and cloud-based technology. The Microsoft Azure cloud platform delivers industry-leading infrastructure services, platform services, and hybrid solutions. It can scale to customer needs, deliver on programs, and support your D&A initiatives with less capital expenditure. In addition, the Cortana® Intelligence Suite provides an integrated platform for advanced analytics, in a fully managed package.

KPMG and Microsoft can help you move beyond mere data collection and evolve into a business that uses data strategy to better inform your most critical decisions. By analyzing reliable and accessible data from multiple streams and relating it back to strategic issues and opportunities, your KPMG and Microsoft team can help you realize growth opportunities, cost savings, strategic value, and/or reduced risk.

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