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A History of HR

A History of HR

From the beginning of employment rights and industrial relations to the technology revolution.


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As the implementation of disruptive technology becomes a key priority for CEOs, HR transformation has moved beyond its traditional function to become a strategic business imperative. More than ever, HR must shift to deliver data-driven insights, smarter decision-making and additional value. 

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The following infographic (PDF 440 KB) traces the HR function’s evolution from the advent of employment rights and industrial relations in the early 1900s through the techonological revolution of the late 2000s to the present day, providing historical context as you plan the next step in your HR transformation.

To help you further understand the the implications of Cloud HR for your business, KPMG’s 2016 HR Transformation Survey provides a wealth of key insights and benchmarking data to inform decision-making around HR technology and operational strategies.

View the full infographic. (PDF 440 KB)

Harry Ross is back in the case of the missing benefits

Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold report (based on KPMG’s 2016 HR Transformation Survey) explores the ways that organizations are using cloud computing to revolutionize the HR function. The perspectives of 854 executives, from 52 countries drive the survey’s insights, and a new video shows how HR detective Harry Ross leverages evidence-based HR and the Cloud to drive results for clients.

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KPMG’s 2016 Global CEO Outlook study (PDF 2.95 MB) provides a vivid image of global CEOs’ expectations for business growth, the challenges they face and their strategies to chart organizational success. This annual study by KPMG International captures the perspectives and insights of nearly 1,300 CEOs from companies across 11 industries in 10 countries.

KPMG Powered Enterprise leverages decades of business and cloud technology experience to help enterprise leaders transform their back office faster and achieve a greater step change in value.

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