Spotlight: A new era of asset delivery

Spotlight: A new era of asset delivery

India’s government is striving to achieve some massive electrification objectives.



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Shareholder, lenders and taxpayers worldwide are expecting better management of their physical infrastructure over the life of the asset. Traditionally, building, operational performance, and rehabilitation and maintenance management have been treated as distinct silos. From organization, cost and value reporting through to managing stakeholder expectations, in many instances, this has driven poor life cycle decision making unpredictable consequences and poor stakeholder value. As margins have been eroded, efficient capital allocation, optimizing operational performance and finding ways of extending the life of physical assets has become much more of a focus. And it has been warmly welcomed and adopted by executives and investors alike. Driving this rapid ascension is a growing recognition that not enough is being done to maximize the value of infrastructure assets and investments.

As this Special Report on Asset Delivery illustrates, the discipline of portfolio integrated management has become infinitely more mature and sophisticated over the past few years. With significant value to offer, we believe it is now time for infrastructure owners, operators and investors to get serious about their approach to how they optimize the life and performance of their infrastructure assets.

To read our Special Report, download Insight Magazine and view the Spotlight: Asset delivery section. Articles featured:

  • Restoring faith in major capital projects
  • Putting the customer at the heart of asset management
  • How to keep projects from going off the rails
  • Out of the basement: Enhancing asset management in the public sector
  • Integrating assets in a rapidly evolving world
  • No more excuses: How to stop project delays before they start
  • Ensuring predictability in major capital projects
  • Why data is the asset to manage

Around the world, demand for infrastructure capacity is on the rise and infrastructure budgets are struggling to keep up. But building new infrastructure is not the only way to bridge the gap. Infrastructure owners and operators should first start by improving the productivity of the assets they already have.

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