Bangladesh - Special considerations for short-term assignments

Bangladesh - considerations for short-term assignments

Taxation of international executives.


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Residency rules

Payroll considerations

Taxable income

Additional considerations

For the purposes of this publication, a short-term assignment is defined as an assignment that lasts for less than one year (365 days).

Residency rules

Are there special residency considerations for short-term assignments?

No special consideration.

Payroll considerations

Are there special payroll considerations for short-term assignments?

No special consideration.

Taxable income

What income will be taxed during short-term assignments?

All the income mentioned in the sample tax calculation will be taxed during short term assignment.

Additional considerations

Are there any additional considerations that should be considered before initiating a short-term assignment in your country?

If the person works in Bangladesh without prior approval of Board of Investment (BOI) or any other Government Authority, as the case may be, in an income year; he/she shall be charged additional tax at the rate of 50% tax payable of his income or BDT 500,000 whichever is higher. 

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