KPMG Peer Bank

KPMG Peer Bank


A benchmarking tool that brings peer-to-peer analysis on over 100 key ratios and indicators.

A benchmarking tool that brings peer-to-peer analysis on over 100 key ratios & indicators.

Driving harmonization remains one of the ECB’s key priorities under the SSM; making pan-European peer analysis one of most relevant supervisory tools. It is no surprise, then, that a question KPMG professionals consistently hear from banks is: “How do I compare to my peers?” KPMG Peer Bank helps banks to answer this question.

KPMG Peer Bank is a benchmarking tool that is designed to go beyond transparency to deliver comparative peer-to-peer insights for banks. A user can choose from over 100 ratios and indicators and can compare information against the EU average, county average, and peer group average; users may also obtain a percentile ranking with respect to their peer group. In addition to the pre-set peer groups based on the size of a bank and its business model, users also have the option to create their own peer group whenever they use the tool.

KPMG Peer Bank is a web-based tool that can be used online via a PC or mobile device. Data and charts can be exported for additional analysis and reporting.

Benchmarking is not just a tool for competitive analysis. The ECB has access to a broad set of data and is using it to evaluate the soundness of banks. Bank management need to be prepared for conversations with the ECB and understand its position against its peers, especially in the eye of its supervisor.

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