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Enterprise Report – New Zealand

Enterprise Report – New Zealand

How entrepreneurs grow from managers to leaders of globally competitive businesses.


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One thing is clear: New Zealand’s many private businesses drive economic growth and are the foundation of the country’s long-term success. It is a nation of private business owners, large and small.

This report takes an in-depth look at three specific stages in an entrepreneur’s journey. First, the start-up phase, when a good idea is commercialised and the search for capital and customers begins in earnest – an exciting stage, but one that all-too often burns people out. The second phase is growth, where the entrepreneur must grapple with how to incorporate new talent into the business; essentially recognising his or her deficiencies and actively looking to bring the right people on board. The third stage we’ve called ‘Letting go’, although a more correct way to put it might be ‘Learning when to let go’, as the person who has nurtured and grown the business steps aside, having first – ideally – established a future-proof company culture and a viable succession plan. We’ve also talked to business owners and leaders, both in roundtable discussions and in in-depth, one-on-one conversations, about the challenges at each stage of the entrepreneurial lifecycle.

See the attached PDF for the full report (PDF 3.3 MB).

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