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Astrus: Third-party risk management

Astrus: Third-party risk management

Astrus Third Party Due Diligence and Astrus Monitoring.


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KPMG Capital investment in third-party risk management

With businesses now facing heightened pressure to have tighter, more systemized third-party risk management programs, KPMG Capital recently announced a multi-million dollar investment to enhance and improve the data, analytics and research capabilities of Astrus, a proprietary web-based third-party due diligence and monitoring solution.

The Astrus solution now includes two main product offerings: Astrus Enhanced Due Diligence reporting – typically commissioned to respond to regulatory requirements – and Astrus Monitoring, designed to alert organizations to changes in their business partners’ risk profiles.

Astrus is a cost-effective solution to third-party risk management that provides organizations with a more robust and actionable approach for managing the escalating cost and complexity of compliance. You can learn more by visiting here.


For more information about the Astrus solution, please contact:

Laura Durkin

Astrus Global Lead

KPMG Capital

T: +1 212-872-5779


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