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Astrus: The right sources and the right technology

Astrus: The right sources and the right technology

Astrus incorporates a wide range of sources and technologies to achieve deeper analysis.


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Astrus Enhanced Due Diligence and Astrus Monitoring helps merge the power of data and analytics with the value of global information to helporganizations manage their third-party risk.

Leveraging the latest technologies and tools, Astrus offers integrated workflows and enhanced ‘smart’ search capabilities, utilizing over 40,000 data sources that can index data in more than 88 languages and reach more than 200 countries.

Astrus features new functionality to support additional applications for assessing various types of risks associated with suppliers, agents and customers, to assist clients with their ethic and compliance programs, transaction due diligence, employment screening, emerging market risks and sanctions screenings.

To achieve this, Astrus reviews thousands of data sources including:

  • Premium content data aggregators 
  • Deep Web content 
  • Surface Web content 
  • Non-English data sources 
  • KPMG independent research.


For more information, please contact:

Laura Durkin

Astrus Global Lead

KPMG Capital

T: +1 212-872-5779


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