EU audit legislation: Frequently asked questions

EU audit legislation FAQ

This comprehensive set of questions and answers has been developed to help you navigate through the new EU audit legislation. It contains views on a range of topics, from the scope of the new rules to help you better understand exactly who is affected and interpretation points, to guidance on how to calculate current audit tenure for the transition purpose.


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This detailed set of questions and answers (PDF 2.8 MB) enables you to focus on a particular aspect of the EU audit legislation, gaining a greater understanding of how it might be applied in practice. Questions are grouped around the following areas:

  • The legislative process
  • Public Interest Entities and the scope of the legislation       
  • Mandatory audit firm rotation      
  • Transitional arrangements    
  • Tendering      
  • Joint audits  
  • Non-audit services        
  • Fee caps for permitted non-audit services    
  • Audit committees      
  • Auditor reporting      
  • Auditor oversight/audit regulators
  • The impact outside of the EU    
  • Member State options

Please note that this document only provides views in respect of the EU baseline and does not focus on how individual Member States will implement the EU baseline and the various Member State options available to them. To understand how you might be impacted by local rules, please see our interactive country map.

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