Data and reporting, technology, and cyber security

Data and reporting, technology, and cyber security


Examining the ECB’s expectations around data, technology, and cyber security.

ECB expectations around data, technology, and cyber security

Increased regulatory requirements and more intensive supervision have driven an almost insatiable appetite for data among regulators – to monitor adherence to regulatory requirements; to support stress testing; to answer one-off information requests; to provide the raw materials for recovery and resolution planning; to open a lens on non-bank financial channels; and to access system-wide data for macro-prudential policy purposes. Indeed, banks have been challenged by issues related to data, technology, and cyber security even before the ECB announced that this would be a priority area for 2016.

High quality data and effective technology should be at the heart of a profitable and sustainable bank strategy. The articles in this section look to what banks should do to meet the reporting requirements and expectations of clients, customers and investors along with the ECB’s expectations. 

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Evolving Banking Regulation: Data and technology - the regulatory and business challenges

The challenges of meeting the demands and expectations of clients, customers, investors and regulators.

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IT Architecture and Risk Data Aggregation

IT Architecture and Data Risk Analytics are a priority under SREP 2015.

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The ECB’s 2016 thematic review on risk data aggregation

The ECB will be carrying out thematic review to assess bank’s compliance with these...

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EBA launches consultation on ICT Risk

EBA guidelines for ICT risk aim at promoting common procedures for ICT risk assessment.

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Cyber security is the most prevalent IT risk for banks

Cyber security issues rank highest among risks and facing G-SIFIs

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The way forward for Europe’s digital integrated market

Digitalization is changing markets and is a challenge for regulators and banks alike.

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PSD2: EBA defines a clear path

On February 23 the EBA published the final draft of the Regulatory Technical Standards...

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Outsourcing is an ECB priority

For banks, IT outsourcing risks are covered by a multitude of frameworks and standards.

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PSD2 and the power of APIs

This is the first in a series of articles on the topic of PSD2 and what it means for...

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BCBS 239 thematic review: A challenging test

The ECB BCBS 239 thematic review is well underway and is already presenting...

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