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Evolving regulatory landscape: Culture, ethics and behaviour

Culture, ethics and behaviour

Conduct and culture should be on the mind of ever senior manager and board of directors.


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Conduct and culture have been moving up on the regulatory agenda and should be a prominent feature for the Board and senior managers at firms across the industry.

Multiple instances of misconduct in retail and wholesale markets have left the industry vulnerable to a series of commercial and regulatory pressures. The industry will need to recalibrate the way that it sets the tone and sets the culture and the way it measures and rewards people for the way that they deliver against the strategic objectives.

When it comes to conduct and culture, the industry is dealing with a combination of commercial and regulatory pressures. The commercial pressures include the need to rebuild reputation and trust; to establish commercial benefits from taking a more customer-centric approach; to respond to growing competition from challenger banks; and to avoid or minimize the financial costs of misconduct (criminal actions, fines, remediation and civil actions).

The regulatory pressures on banks arise in part from the magnitude of regulatory change in both retail and wholesale markets, some of which has been implemented but much of which is still under development.

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