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KPMG and Microsoft Data & Analytics can turn data into trustworthy insights

KPMG and Microsoft Data & Analytics

Actionable insights so you can make better, faster and more meaningful business decisions.


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The KPMG and Microsoft Data and Analytics (D&A) offering combines KPMG’s data analytics capabilities, methodologies, and solutions with Microsoft’s cloud-based technologies to provide actionable insights. The result is that you can make better and more meaningful business decisions faster; engage customers, employees, and vendors more meaningfully; and create competitive advantage.

KPMG firms’ deep industry, functional and process knowledge enables us to translate your needs into technology in the language of business. Our global team of data scientists, business and industry specialists, and analytics and technology professionals are proficient in the Microsoft Data and Analytics ecosystem and has significant experience gained through joint development with Microsoft engineering. 

KPMG Data and Analytics on Azure can turn data into trustworthy insights so that you can act upon your most challenging business decisions with confidence. Our approach for D&A is well planned and enterprise wide, so the insights are aimed at driving broad business transformation. We support your top-line growth through detailed approaches, deep experience and our dynamic D&A platform, while reducing unnecessary effort and redundancies. Our core D&A platform, built on the Microsoft stack, endures our rigorous compliance and risk processes as we continually confirm it fulfills evolving and elevated regulatory and IT security standards.   

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