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Investment performance: visibility through analysis and reporting

Telecom capital investment performance

How can telecom companies track the progress of capital projects, to ensure continued focus on optimal investments?


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This activity utilizes the metrics (milestones) agreed during the appraisal phase to assess investment performance of projects and portfolios, leading to decisions on whether to continue, scale back or close down altogether. Post-implementation reviews enable continuous improvements to be made to the end-to-end capital management framework.

According to the respondents to KPMG’s 2015 global survey:

  • 68% prepare regular reports for performance review at all levels
  • Companies rarely align benefits achieved with executive performance scorecard
  • Spreadsheets are dominant method for capital management reporting
  • Only 21% carry out independent, post-implementation reviews on major capital projects; these can deliver efficiencies and drive continuous improvement
  • 73% share post-implementation review findings across the group.

Interestingly, only two of the responding companies include performance reporting in the scorecard of the responsible individual and his/her manager, for performance assessment purposes.

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