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Automotive Captives – Capitalizing on customer focus and OEM collaboration

Automotive Captives – Capitalizing on customer focus

Captives will become indispensable companions for all OEM endeavors


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Automotive Captives (Captives) are no longer sole financing partners to their customers and simple sales motors for their Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Things have changed and they will continue to change at a fast pace. Captives will complement and upgrade OEMs’ products with their services and closeness to the customer.

Captives enable one-stop-shopping for customers, throughout a product’s lifecycle. Through efficient interaction upstream and downstream and by effectively converting their customer knowledge, Captives continue to create significant up- and cross-selling potentials, increasing their value proposition for OEMs.

KPMG Automotive financial services

KPMG has established the Global Automotive Captive Peer Group, with extensive experience in auto captives, to assist clients in auto value chain.

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