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Afghanistan - Other taxes and levies

Afghanistan - Other taxes and levies

Taxation of international executives


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Social security tax

Are there social security/social insurance taxes in your country? If so, what are the rates for employers and employees?

Currently, no social security collection is being implemented in Afghanistan.

Employment insurance

Not applicable

Pension plan

Not applicable

Gift, wealth, estate, and/or inheritance tax

Are there any gift, wealth, estate, and/or inheritance taxes in your country?

No gift, wealth, estate or inheritance taxes are applicable in Afghanistan.

Real estate tax

Are there real estate taxes in your country?

Real estate taxes are not applicable in Afghanistan.

Sales/VAT tax

Are there sales and/or value-added taxes in your country?

Currently, Sales/VAT is not applicable. 

Unemployment tax

Are there unemployment taxes in your country?

Unemployment tax is not applicable in Afghanistan.

Other taxes

Are there additional taxes in your country that may be relevant to the general assignee? For example, customs tax, excise tax, stamp tax, and so on.

Custom duty is applicable at import stage. No excise tax and stamp tax is applicable.

Taxation of international executives

A global survey of income tax, social security tax rates and tax legislation impacting expatriate employees.

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