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Shipping Insights Briefing – Issue 2, 2015

Growing trade set to result in launch of mega ports...

Our report examines the factors driving the creation of mega ports, and discusses the role they play in delivering sustainable economic growth.It also looks at the impact of the growing intra-Asia trade on the industry, and how other Asian countries are seeking to invest in port and trade development. Finally, the report provides a forward-looking view at ways to help mega ports stand out from the crowd.


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Silhouette of Offloading a Grain Container Ship

With increasing need for efficiency, shipping companies are focusing on procuring larger ships. Although mega ships provide cost advantages and are more fuel-efficient and environment-friendly,they pose significant challenges in terms of infrastructure needs. Singapore has taken a step in this direction by developing a mega port that will be future-ready. However, with increasing competition from other Asian countries, the ports will also need to offer value-added services.

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