Inside the book

Inside the book

Inside the book 25 countries are put under the microscope revealing the different ways nations respond to the healthcare challenges faced today.


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Asia and Australia

  • Japan – Live long and prosper 
  • South Korea – National pride and global ambition 
  • China – Communist chimera? 
  • Hong Kong – Demography, democracy and destiny 
  • Malaysia – Reform some time, soon? 
  • Singapore – Wealth and health 
  • Indonesia – Largest single payer in the world 
  • Australia – Advance Australia Fair 
  • India – One country, two worlds 

Middle East and Africa

  • Qatar – Build and they will come
  • Israel – The best kept secret in global health? 
  • South Africa – No more false dawns 


Russia – A distressed and distressing system 

  • The Nordics – Decentralised welfare utopia? 
  • The Netherlands – Competition and social solidarity 
  • Germany – Doctor knows best 
  • Switzerland – You get what you pay for 
  • Italy – No longer ‘la dolce vita’ 
  • Portugal – The price of austerity 
  • France – Neither Beveridge nor Bismarck but the Republic 
  • England – The NHS. In place of fear 

The Americas

  • Canada – At the crossroads 
  • The US – Let’s face the music and dance 
  • Mexico – Unfinished business 
  • Brazil – Order and progress? 

Global Challenges

  • Universal Healthcare – Triumph of political will
  • Same Problem, Different Country – The paradox of change
  • Clinical Quality – The more I know, the less I sleep 
  • Value Walks – There is no healthcare without the workforce 
  • Patients As Partners – Renewable energy 
  • Climate Change and Sustainability – Our dirty little secret 
  • Ageing – Every cloud has a silver lining 

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