Systemic risk and capital buffers

Systemic risk and capital buffers

While the systemic risk debate rumbles on, regulators are increasingly recognizing the importance of the growth agenda to balance rules that are aimed to protect against systemic risk. The thought leadership and articles on this page provide insights on how organizations can develop a holistic approach to manage the evolving financial regulatory environment.


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Dec 15 - EBA assessment of risks and vulnerabilities

Dec 15 - MREL & TLAC – Cut from the same cloth

Dec 15 - Rules for European Money Market Funds are finally agreed

Dec 15 - Harmonisation of recovery and resolution frameworks for insurers

Dec 12 - New EU rules for safer CCPs

Dec 1 - EU Banking Reform – Revising CRR, CRD4 and the BRRD

Oct 13 - European banking regulators focus on liquidity stress testing

Oct 13 - Meeting Basel 3 requirements

Oct 13 - One stage closer to an international insurance standard?

Aug 4 - EBA Stress Test 2016 - Some banks feel the stress

Jul 18 - Greater transparency in the G-SII assessment process

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Jun 21 - CRR2 begins…

Jun 21 - The second pillar of the Banking Union

Jun 21 - Systemically Important Insurers – the debate continues…

May 26 - D-SIB designation and capital surcharges

May 26 - Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB)

May 26 - Definitions of non-performing exposures and forbearance

May 26 - Sovereign risk exposure: the next frontier?

May 20 - Solvency II: latest proposals to encourage infrastructure investments

Apr 25 - Leverage ratio revisions

Apr 25 - ECB Annual Report on supervisory activities

Apr 25 - Basel Committee consults on restricting the use of internal models to calculate credit risk weights

Apr 21 - Solvency II: Completion of legislative process

Mar 23 - IOSCO identifies potential risks to the financial system

Mar 23 - Investment Management and systemic risk debate remains polarized

Mar 15 - Revised operational risk capital framework

Mar 9 - Group solvency calculations under Solvency II

Mar 9 - Update on the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) stakeholder meetings in Basel

Jan 31 - Step-in' risk

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