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High Growth Markets Magazine – The annual outlook

High Growth Markets Magazine

No economy can enjoy uninterrupted, fast growth without the occasional hiccup, and recent events have highlighted the unpredictability in developing markets. However, from challenge comes opportunity, as oil-rich states strive to broaden their industrial base and up-and-coming markets present themselves as alternatives to the established order. As we examine the future of High Growth Markets, there is great promise emerging across Africa, ASEAN and the Middle East. Together with the traditional BRIC countries, High Growth Markets will continue to outpace developed markets, calling for selective approaches and taking into account differing rates of growth and varied economic characteristics.


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Articles in this issue include:

  • Global view – By Alex Kazan, Emerging Markets Director and Practice Head from Eurasia Group.
  • A steady evolution – Nigeria’s new government and its

    agenda for reform.
  • Beyond energy – How the Gulf States are accelerating efforts to diversify their industrial base.
  • The real Russia – Investors take notice of the country’s inherent strengths. 
  • Stepping out of the shadows – Investors are drooling over the prospect of a single ASEAN market, but there could be a few bumps in the road.
  • Timing is everything – Brazil may be suffering a downturn, but could this be an opportune moment to invest in the South American powerhouse?
  • Looking beyond Brazil – Colombia and Mexico are enjoying good growth rates and increasing interest from investors.
  • Opening up the continent – Africa’s Tripartite Free Trade Area.
  • ASEAN Tigers – Western brands and retailers look to establish a firm foothold.

In addition, this issue looks at the High Growth Markets Horizon, including:

  • What’s next for High Growth Markets? The speed of change in the world’s growing markets has been unprecedented. This article considers some of the issues that investors need to consider over the coming years. 
  • Constance Hunter, KPMG’s Chief Economist, answers the question: What’s next for China? 
  • Off the cuff with Jim O’Neill – famous for coining the term 'BRIC', Jim talk about the progress in high growth markets, as well as the rising threat of drug resistance. 
  • The Winner’s Circle – great opportunities are emerging in India.

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