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KPMG Global CEO Outlook

KPMG Global CEO Outlook

In today’s world, success is not a given.

In today’s world, success is not a given.

Growth. Volatility. Disruption. Uncertainty. When it comes to doing business, CEOs globally are being challenged to navigate the path to success within an environment of constant change. But what are CEOs doing to ensure there are no limits to their future growth?

With a focus on companies over US$500m in revenue, our Global CEO Outlook involves global businesses discussing complex issues: strategy, growth, market disruption, innovation, cybersecurity, talent and transformation.

The results are eye opening. While many CEOs are confident in the global economy and the three-year growth outlook of their companies, most recognize they need to transform their businesses if they are to survive and prosper. In order to do so, however, big businesses need to be willing to take bigger risks. Explore this study to find out why.

What People Will Learn

Success in a world of constant disruption takes leadership with strategic vision – that’s why we asked over 1,200 global CEOs to share their perspectives on how their company and the business world is evolving and what they will be doing over the next three years to turn challenges into opportunities. We hope these results will help focus your company on the issues that matter so you can come out on top – not just today, but tomorrow.

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