Algeria – restrictions on payments, new rules for imported cars

Algeria – restrictions on payments

Recent developments of note to foreign investors in Algeria include new thresholds for payments that must be made via banking and financial institutions, and new restrictions on the activities of new car dealers.


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Payments for purchases of real estate, goods and services.

A new decree1 requires payments for certain purchases to be done through banking and financial channels as of 1 July 2015 if they meet or exceed the following thresholds:

  • Real estate purchased for 5 million Algerian dinar (DZD) or more 
  • Goods and services purchased for DZD 1 million or more. 

Non-compliance of these provisions could result in the application of Algeria’s sanctions against money laundering and terrorist financing.

New rules for imported cars

The activity of new car dealers in Algeria is subject to new conditions and procedures under a new decree2. These measures also apply to lifting vehicles.

 The decree requires car dealers to:

  • Import vehicles under brands that are listed in the book of specifications published by the Ministry of Industry. 
  • Not import vehicles on behalf of other dealers 
  • Ensure newly imported vehicles meet Algeria’s standards of safety and environmental protection and recognized worldwide standards without being less than those applicable in manufacturer’s country of origin 
  • Issue invoices directly to the licensor manufacturer (le constructeur consédant)
  • Import supplies only from a licensor manufacturer. 

Car dealers must also meet the following investment obligations: 

  • They must install an industrial and/or semi-industrial activity or other activity directly linked to the automotive industry. 
  • They must make the investment within 3 years starting from the delivery date of the agreement, in industrial and/or semi-industrial activity, which includes assembly manufacturing and/or subsets parts for the mechanical industry (for lifting vehicles), as per the specifications book. 

Car dealers already authorized in Algeria must comply with decree’ provisions within 12 months period from the decree’s official publication date. 


1Executive Decree No. 15-153 of 28 of 16 June 2015.

2Executive Decree No. 15-58 of 8 February 2015.

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