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Global legal services at a glance

Global legal services at a glance

A quality consultancy on legal compliance systems, KPMG’s legal services’ network of member firms offer not only legal knowledge, but also experience in organizational and process improvement matters.


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How we can help

KPMG’s Legal Services, can help clients to:

  • Identify the organization’s key areas of compliance and the risks associated with each, mapping these risks and identifying processes to address them.
  • Assist in establishing internal monitoring of organizationalstructures in regulatory compliance. 
  • Assist in the design of legal compliance policies and controls,as well as the design of internal reporting models. 
  • Design and conduct internal training on compliance, includingsuch areas as crime prevention, personal data protection, etc.
  • Create documentation of a compliance management system that’s aligned with principles generally accepted in this field. 
  • Coordinate and perform compliance reviews/audits.
  • Coordinate and perform investigations (together with forensic team).
  • Provide legal defense against tax authorities.
  • Provide legal representation in D&O and liability cases.
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