KPMG’s Family Business Conference in Cairo, Egypt


On March 31th, 2015 KPMG Hazem Hassan hosted its first national Family Business Conference in Cairo. By taking the Family Business initiative in Egypt, the firm held this high-profile event by inviting the most prestigious families in the market and introducing to them this new service.Being one of a kind and organized by the largest auditing and accounting firm in the country, the event was a big success, with family business owners and leading executives from 20 well-known Egypt families in attendance.


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Conference in Cairo

With a mix of plenary, workshops and round table discussions and insights from family members, the conference provided participants the opportunity to network and explore solutions to issues which are unique to family businesses, starting from the succession and governance and ending with the wealth preservation and philanthropy. The event was structured in such a way to provide an environment to share and learn and included prominent family businesses, KPMG and family business experts.

Family Business Conference in Cairo

Succession and Governance challenges

The event was facilitated by Hatem Montasser, Managing Partner of KPMG Hazem Hassan. Christophe Bernard, KPMG’s Global Head of Family business, provided an insight into the major family business issues and together with KPMG Hazem Hassan’s partners Haytham Elmansy and Ahmed Elashkar held two work sessions on Governance and Succession planning. Jesus Casado, Secretary General of European Family Businesses (EFB), shared with the audience his knowledge of family business issues from the global and, in particular, European perspective. 

Family Business Conference in Cairo

Success stories

A panel discussion included three representatives of the oldest and largest Egypt families in manufacturing, construction and hospitality sectors, who introduced their businesses’ life cycle as well as the difficulties they faced to grow and sustain.

The conference got very promising feedbacks from the attending families and KPMG Hazem Hassan is looking to develop further this new service on the market.

Family Business Conference in Cairo

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