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IFRS Newsletters

Our IFRS newsletters provide regular updates on IFRS matters.


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Our IFRS Newsletters provide updates on new developments in IFRS accounting and financial reporting.

The topics covered include banking, impairment, financial instruments, insurance, leases and revenue. Additionally, our IFRS Newsletter: The Balancing Items brings into focus narrow-scope amendments to IFRS.

To access all our materials on IFRS and related matters, visit KPMG's Global IFRS Institute


IFRS Newsletter: Banking

This newsletter provides updates on IFRS developments that directly
impact banks, and considers the potential accounting implications of
regulatory requirements.

IFRS Newsletter: IFRS 9 Impairment

This newsletter highlights the latest discussions on the impairment requirements of IFRS 9 Financial Instruments.

IFRS Newsletter: Financial Instruments

This newsletter highlights the IASB’s discussions on the remaining aspects of its financial instruments project, since the publication of IFRS 9 Financial Instruments in July 2014.

IFRS Newsletter: Insurance

This newsletter provides a summary of the IASB’s most recent discussions on the insurance contracts project.

IFRS Newsletter: Leases

This newsletter provides a summary of the IASB’s and FASB’s most recent discussions on the leases project.

IFRS Newsletter: Leases – issue 18 | October 2015

IFRS Newsletter: Leases – issue 17 | March 2015 


These discussions follow on from the Boards’ joint proposals for a new lease accounting model in 2013. The new leases standard, IFRS 16, was released in January 2016. Visit our Leases hot topics page to find out more.

IFRS Newsletter: Revenue

This newsletter examines the latest developments on the new revenue standard, IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers, and what they could mean for you.

IFRS Newsletter: Revenue – issue 13 | March 2015

IFRS Newsletter: Revenue – issue 12 | February 2015


Visit our IFRS – Revenue hot topics page to access our materials on IFRS 15.

IFRS Newsletter: The Balancing Items

This newsletter brings into focus the latest narrow-scope amendments to IFRS.


IFRS Newsletter: The Balancing Items – issue 7 | September 2014 (PDF 612 KB)

IFRS Newsletter: The Balancing Items – issue 6 | December 2013 (PDF 624 KB)

IFRS Newsletter: The Balancing Items – issue 5 | October 2013 (PDF 737 KB)

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