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TaxNewsFlash-Transfer Pricing

TaxNewsFlash-Transfer Pricing

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November 2017

30 Nov - OECD: Updated guidance on country-by-country reporting (BEPS Action 13)

28 Nov - Thailand: Update on transfer pricing proposals

27 Nov - OECD: Mutual agreement procedure (MAP) statistics for 2016

23 Nov - Australia: ATO grants extension of time to file country-by-country statements

22 Nov - Taiwan: Transfer pricing documentation to include country-by-country reporting, Master file

21 Nov - United States: IRS practice units, common ownership or control under Code section 482

21 Nov - Romania: Guidance on form for country-by-country reporting

21 Nov - United States: IRS update to jurisdiction status table, country-by-country reporting

20 Nov - Peru: Transfer pricing documentation—country-by-country reporting, Master file, Local file

17 Nov - UK: New corporate interest restriction rules intersect with transfer pricing

15 Nov - Canada: APA statistics for 2016

8 Nov - United States: IRS practice units on APAs for tangible goods transactions

8 Nov - WCO: Case study; transfer pricing documentation and customs valuation

7 Nov - Costa Rica: Country-by-country reporting, draft resolution released

6 Nov - OECD: Updated transfer pricing profiles from 31 countries

3 Nov - Hungary: Transfer pricing documentation requirements updated, including arm’s length pricing

3 Nov - Italy: Agreement for automatic exchange of country-by-country reports with United States

2 Nov - India: Final rules on country-by-country reporting, Master file requirements

1 Nov - Bulgaria: Country-by-country reporting procedure, format approved

October 2017

31 Oct - India: Unilateral APA addresses marketing, trading, and assembly activities

27 Oct - India: Unilateral APA with taxpayer in travel sector

26 Oct - India: First country-by-country report due date extended to 31 March 2018

25 Oct - OECD: Public consultation on 1 November, tax challenges of digitalisation

20 Oct - Hungary: Country-by-country reporting form, released by tax authority

20 Oct - OECD: Public consultations on transfer pricing matters

18 Oct - OECD: Comments to tax challenges of digitalization (BEPS Action 1)

18 Oct - Poland: Country-by-country reporting, template of electronic form available

13 Oct - Kosovo: Annual report (2016) of controlled transactions due 30 November

12 Oct - Finland: Guidance concerning intra-group services, determining arm’s length mark-up

11 Oct - Czech Republic: Country-by-country reporting implemented

11 Oct - OECD: Country-by-country reporting implementation status, exchange relationships (BEPS Action 13)

11 Oct - Poland: Decree on information to include in transfer pricing documentation

10 Oct - EU: New rules, process for resolving tax treaty-related disputes

10 Oct - Greece: Country-by-country reporting update

9 Oct - India: Proposed country-by-country reporting, Master file rules

6 Oct - OECD: Comments on BEPS discussion drafts, attribution of profits to permanent establishments and transactional profit splits

5 Oct - Vietnam: Transfer pricing audits of related-party royalty, service fee payments

5 Oct - Luxembourg: Transfer pricing rulings granted multinational entity group; EC state aid investigation

5 Oct - Malaysia: Country-by-country reporting guidance

3 Oct - Switzerland: Country-by-country reporting ordinance effective 1 December 2017; voluntary reporting begins 1 November

2 Oct - KPMG report: Common-sense transfer pricing compliance in a BEPS world

August 2017

30 Aug - United States: List of countries for country-by-country reporting data exchanges 

30 Aug - Australia: Interaction between ATO and multinational companies; corporate tax avoidance inquiry includes focus on transfer pricing rules

29 Aug - Taiwan: Country-by-country reporting requirements in draft transfer pricing documentation rules

22 Aug - Country-by-country reporting: Timeline of notification requirements per country

22 Aug - Australia: Practical experiences on filing Part A of Australian Local files for some “significant global entities”

21 Aug - Australia: Taxpayer withdraws appeal; transfer prices and related-party loans

18 Aug - UK: Updated HMRC guidance for filing country-by-country reports

17 Aug - Bulgaria: Rules for country-by-country reporting

17 Aug - Greece: Country-by-country reporting measures are enacted

14 Aug - Latvia: Transfer pricing reporting requirements include country-by-country reports

11 Aug - United States: IRS now accepting country-by-country report (Form 8975)

7 Aug - Kosovo: Transfer pricing requirements, documentation rules

4 Aug - New Zealand: Update on BEPS, transfer pricing proposals

2 Aug - India: Foreign exchange fluctuation gain or loss, operating income and arm’s length pricing

1 Aug - Hong Kong: Transfer pricing legislation expected by late 2017; findings of BEPS consultation

1 Aug - India: Country-by-country reporting, update

1 Aug - OECD: Draft toolkit, addressing taxation of offshore indirect transfers of assets

June 2017

30 Jun - United States: Form 8975 and instructions for country-by-country reporting; IRS launches CbC webpage

29 Jun - Thailand: Transfer pricing regime pending public comments, final steps

28 Jun - India: APA concerning severance pay to information technology-enabled service employees

27 Jun - KPMG report: Discussion draft, BEPS Action 10 revised guidance on profit splits

23 Jun - Italy: Transfer pricing rules are revised

23 Jun - Romania: Country-by-country reporting added to tax law

22 Jun - OECD: Toolkit for “developing countries” to address lack of comparables for transfer pricing analyses

22 Jun - OECD: BEPS inclusive framework, update on country-by-country reporting exchanges (including update for United States)

22 Jun - OECD: BEPS discussion drafts, attribution of profits to permanent establishments and transactional profit splits

21 Jun -  Canada: New exchange arrangement with United States, to implement country-by-country reporting standard

21 Jun - EU: Proposed mandatory disclosure of reportable tax planning cross-border arrangements

20 Jun - India: Notional interest on “deemed advances” involving transfer pricing adjustments of related parties

19 Jun - India: Tribunal rejects internal comparables, but looks to comparability factors of location, value chain, product utility

19 Jun - UK: Country-by-country reporting, notification to HM Revenue & Customs

16 Jun - Russia: Status of country-by-country reporting, transfer pricing documentation proposals 

12 Jun - Costa Rica: Time for filing transfer pricing returns is extended

9 Jun - India: Revised “safe harbour rules” focus on transfer pricing disputes

7 Jun - Azerbaijan: Transfer pricing rules introduced; effective for 2017

7 Jun - India: Evaluating advertising and marketing promotion expenses as international transaction

6 Jun - Colombia: Transfer pricing regime, rules for controlled foreign corporations

6 Jun - Hungary: Country-by-country reporting approved by parliament

May 2017

30 May - OECD: Initial impressions about discussion draft, hard-to-value intangibles

30 May - Pakistan: Transfer pricing audit, penalty provisions in budget 2017

30 May - Turkey: Transfer pricing provisions and country-by-country reporting rules

26 May - KPMG report: Potential ripple effects of BEPS reforms, beyond tax issues

25 May - India: Expense reimbursements not taxable; transfer pricing study showed no profit element

24 May - Israel: Update on status of country-by-country reporting

23 May - OECD: Discussion draft, guidance on hard-to-value intangibles

22 May - India: Excluding cost reimbursements from related parties (without mark-up) from operating costs

22 May - India: Export commission paid to related party not a royalty; transfer pricing adjustment rejected

18 May - Australia: Related-party financing arrangements, analysis

18 May - France: Country-by-country reporting notification and filing requirements

17 May - India: Brand development not separate international transaction, warranting transfer pricing adjustment

16 May - Australia: ATO draft guidance on related-party financing arrangements 

16 May - Czech Republic: Update on transfer pricing assessments

11 May - Korea: Update on country-by-country reporting, transfer pricing rules

9 May - India: Convertible loans, loan guarantees for foreign related parties

9 May - Singapore: Cost-plus mark-up basis available for service companies, providing routine services to related parties

8 May - Norway: Proposed earnings stripping rule changes; interest paid to related parties

8 May - UK: Group ratio method and related parties, possible corporate
interest restriction

5 May - India: Report of APA statistics

4 May - OECD: Country-by-country reporting implementation status; exchange relationship between tax administrations

January 2017

27 Jan - UK: Revised HMRC guidance, no transfer pricing discussions outside APAs

26 Jan - Indonesia: New transfer pricing requirements include country-by-country reporting

25 Jan - OECD: Helping developing countries with comparables for transfer pricing analyses

24 Jan - Belgium: Transfer pricing documentation

24 Jan - Nigeria: Transfer pricing forms for 2017

20 Jan - Australia: ATO guidance on related-party marketing hubs

19 Jan - India: Loss-making companies as comparables

19 Jan - United States: IRS guidance on country-by-country report filing process

16 Jan - Australia: Q&As on country-by-country reporting

16 Jan - Singapore: Updated transfer pricing guidelines released

14 Jan - Peru: Transfer pricing legislation reflects OECD recommendations

12 Jan - United States: Draft Form 8975 for country-by-country reporting

11 Jan - Brazil: Certain Austrian holding companies identified as “privileged tax regime”

10 Jan - Cyprus: Decree adopting country-by-country reporting; notification extended to October 2017

6 Jan - Malaysia: Final rules on annual country-by-country reporting

5 Jan - Dominican Republic: Update of “white list” countries, transfer pricing implications

4 Jan - United States: IRS practice unit, section 367(d) transactions and cost sharing arrangments

3 Jan - Brazil: Country-by-country reporting rules

3 Jan - Chile: Country-by-country reporting required in new transfer pricing affidavit

3 Jan - Korea: Country-by-country reporting, transfer pricing reporting proposed changes

October 2016

28 Oct - Hong Kong: Consultation on formal transfer pricing regime

28 Oct - OECD: Automatic exchange of tax information agreement, signed by Cook Islands

25 Oct - Channel Islands: Country-by-country reporting, draft regulations in Jersey

24 Oct - Singapore: Country-by-country reporting guide

21 Oct - Ireland: Irish Revenue updates FAQs on country-by-country reporting

21 Oct - OECD: Five jurisdictions agree to automatic exchange of country-by-country reports

21 Oct - Vietnam: Draft decree to implement transfer pricing standards, BEPS recommendations

20 Oct - Ireland: Transfer pricing considerations of centralised procurement strategies

18 Oct - China: New APA administrative guidelines, effective December 2016

18 Oct - India: Implications of APA on pre-rollback transactions

18 Oct - India: Transfer pricing implications of loan guarantee, working capital loans furnished related parties

18 Oct - India: Transfer pricing not applicable to transactions with foreign branch office

14 Oct - United States: IRS position on unilateral APA applications involving maquiladoras

14 Oct - Luxembourg: Budget proposals, to transpose arm’s length principle, transfer pricing analysis

14 Oct - UK: Practical issues that businesses may face concerning country-by-country reporting

13 Oct - Australia: Involving human resources, mobility professionals in country-by-country reporting 

11 Oct - India: Arm's length interest rate on related-party borrowings

11 Oct - India: Effects of customs duty, air freight, currency fluctuation adjustments on arm’s length price

10 Oct - France: Decree implementing country-by-country reporting

August 2016

31 Aug - Germany: Transfer pricing rules requiring adjustment on cross-border arrangements referred to CJEU

31 Aug - Poland: Tax authorities continue to focus on transfer pricing

30 Aug - Ireland: EC state aid investigation, “illegal tax benefits” to multinational company of €13 billion

25 Aug - Poland: Cash-pooling arrangements are loans, transfer pricing documentation rules apply

25 Aug - Poland: Increased number of transfer pricing audits, increased assessments

24 Aug - U.S. Treasury “white paper” on EC’s state aid investigations of transfer pricing rulings

24 Aug - OECD: Comments on proposed amendments, OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines

22 Aug - Liechtenstein: Automatic exchange of country-by-country reporting

19 Aug - Asia Pacific: Transfer pricing review (2016 supplement)

18 Aug - Czech Republic: Automatic exchange of APAs, country-by-country reporting proposals

16 Aug - India: Application of Berry ratio, transfer pricing methodology

16 Aug - Israel: Country-by-country reporting, transfer pricing documentation in budget plan

16 Aug - Hong Kong: Management fee, head office recharge arrangements under scrutiny

16 Aug - Turkey: New transfer pricing rules enacted, aligned with OECD guidelines

15 Aug - Greece: Transfer pricing documentation deadline is extended

11 Aug - Nigeria: Country-by-country reporting, implementation moves forward

10 Aug - Australia: Amnesty for voluntary disclosure of offshore hub-related tax risks; transfer pricing implications

9 Aug - Canada: Discussion, observations about country-by-country reporting proposal

9 Aug - Germany: Loan guarantees by German parent company, for foreign subsidiaries

8 Aug - Asia Pacific: Country-by-country reporting, status update for region

8 Aug - EU: Country-by-country reporting—an EU perspective

5 Aug - Australia: Review of transfer pricing developments since 2012; plans for more changes

5 Aug - Luxembourg: Draft law for country-by-country reporting submitted to Parliament 

5 Aug - India: No transfer pricing referral, when taxpayer claims no “international transactions”

5 Aug - India: Taxpayer allowed to change from TNMM to CUP during proceedings

3 Aug - Canada: Country-by-country reporting requirements in draft legislative proposals

1 Aug - Korea: Revised legislation, transfer pricing and country-by-country reporting rules

July 2016

29 Jul - Mexico: Transfer pricing measures in tax legislation

26 Jul - India: Transfer Pricing Officer’s authority to examine arm’s length price

25 Jul - Austria: New transfer pricing documentation, country-by-country rules effective for 2016

25 Jul - OECD: Report on status of BEPS project

21 Jul - Czech Republic: Regional courts reject basis for transfer pricing assessments

18 Jul - U.S. Tax Court: Newspaper’s motion to intervene in cost-sharing arrangement case held in abeyance

15 Jul - Hong Kong: Transfer pricing and offshore tax regimes

14 Jul - India: Taxpayer must have opportunity to cross-examine comparable companies’ personnel

13 Jul - China: Transfer pricing documentation, related-party reporting guidance from BEPS project

11 Jul - Hong Kong: BEPS participation, recommendations pending government action

8 Jul - India: Valuation of intangibles; only future projections, no hindsight allowed

7 Jul - OECD: Discussion draft under BEPS Actions 8-10, profit split guidance 

7 Jul - OECD: Discussion draft under BEPS Action 7, profits attributed to
permanent establishments

6 Jul - Hong Kong: Transfer pricing and BEPS considerations—intangible property and R&D activities

6 Jul - Sweden: Revising an agreement’s conditions to arm’s length terms

5 Jul - Belgium: Country-by-country reporting, transfer pricing documentation; new law is published

5 Jul - India: No transfer pricing adjustment; license agreement with U.S. company

4 Jul - Japan: Guidance under new transfer pricing documentation rules

4 Jul - OECD: BEPS discussion drafts include revised guidance on profit splits

4 Jul - OECD: Comments invited on revised transfer pricing guidelines

1 Jul - Germany: Country-by-country reporting, BEPS items in draft bill

OECD: Comments invited on revised transfer pricing guidelines

OECD: Comments invited on revised transfer pricing guidelines

OECD: Comments invited on revised transfer pricing guidelines

May 2016

25 May - Australia: Country-by-country, final Local files released

25 May - Norway: Transfer pricing documentation, country-by-country reporting included in political agreement

24 May - Latvia: Compensating adjustments and transfer prices

24 May - Sweden: Commentary on transfer pricing documentation, country-by-country legislative proposals

23 May - United States: Senators again express concerns about EC state-aid investigations

23 May - Denmark: Transfer pricing adjustment statistics, trends and

20 May - EU: “State aid” and transfer pricing rulings

19 May - Denmark: New transfer pricing documentation requirements

19 May - Austria: Proposed legislation, transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting

16 May - Belgium: Draft law, country-by-country reporting and transfer pricing documentation requirements

13 May - Czech Republic: Transfer pricing examination trends

13 May - Norway: Proposed legislation to implement country-by-country reporting rules

12 May - OECD: Canada, Iceland, India, Israel, New Zealand, China advance country-by-country reporting

12 May - United States: IRS practice unit, taxpayer’s affirmative use of section 482

11 May - Peru: New forms for transfer pricing declarations

10 May - Hungary: Transfer pricing measures in tax legislative proposals

10 May - India: No transfer pricing adjustment for advertising, marketing, and promotion

3 May - Sweden: Proposed legislation, transfer pricing documentation and
country-by-country reporting exchange

March 2016

31 Mar - United States: APMA program, APA statistics for 2015

31 Mar - Korea: Master file and local file templates are released

28 Mar - UK: BEPS items included Finance (No. 2) Bill 2016 

24 Mar - OECD: Treaty benefits for non-CIV funds; BEPS follow-up consultation 

23 Mar - Canada: Country-by-country reporting, transfer pricing proposals in 2016 federal budget

23 Mar - EU: Draft proposal on “public” country-by-country reporting

22 Mar - India: No aggregation of transactions for benchmarking in “unusual” circumstances

22 Mar - OECD: Standardized electronic format for exchanging country-by-country reports

21 Mar - United States: IRS “practice unit” on inbound resale price method, routine distributor

18 Mar - Turkey: Draft communiqué on transfer pricing documentation, country-by-country reporting

16 Mar - Indonesia: FAQs on transfer pricing

14 Mar - India: New guidelines for transfer pricing referrals

14 Mar - United States: IRS “practice unit” on interest expense limitation under section 163(j), related-party debt

11 Mar - UK: Preparing for country-by-country reporting

10 Mar - Nigeria: Transfer pricing comparable data constraint—issues, implications

9 Mar - Australia: Costs of non-compliance with country-by-country reporting requirements

8 Mar - EU: Automatic exchange of country-by-country reporting by multinational companies

Mar 8 - India: Brand-promotion expenses not “international transaction” for arm’s length standard

7 Mar - United States: Treasury responds to Congress, EU state-aid “tax ruling” investigations

7 Mar - United States: IRS "practice unit," residual profit split method, outbound

4 Mar - Poland: Enhanced tax audit focus on transfer pricing

4 Mar - United States: IRS “practice unit,” transfer pricing documentation by outbound taxpayers

3 Mar - UK: Final country-by-country reporting regulations

3 Mar - EU: State-aid investigations of “tax rulings,” response to U.S. concerns

2 Mar - Dominican Republic: Amount triggering transfer pricing regime, related-party transactions (2016) 

1 Mar - India: Country-by-country reporting, transfer pricing documentation rules in budget 2016

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