2015 KPMG/AIMA/MFA Global Hedge Fund Survey – New markets come into focus

New markets come into focus for hedge fund managers

Hedge fund managers planning for a change in investor demographics over next 5 years.

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Meat market

This year’s survey suggests that fund managers are standing on the cusp of a major shift in focus from West to East as new investors emerge and new markets come into view.


Forty-four percent of those with investors in Asia-Pacific said they had seen an increase in investor activity from this region over the past two years, while 41 percent of those with investors in the Middle East and Africa (albeit only a small number) say that they have seen activity increase.

In comparison, respondents seem to indicate that growth in the developed market is flattening. Just 37 percent said they had seen activity in Europe increase, while 26 percent said it had decreased. Those with investors in Switzerland and the UK were almost just as likely to say that activity in those markets had increased as they were to say it had decreased.

Developing and emerging markets

Our survey suggests that managers are also increasingly looking to the developed and emerging markets also as a destination for investment capital. Forty-three percent said they expect to change the markets in which they invest their capital. But interestingly, only 21 percent said they would invest more into developed markets while 30 percent pointed to the emerging markets and 7 percent said frontier markets.

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Higher barriers to entry in the hedge fund industry, in particular regulation, has many hedge fund managers expecting competition to level out.

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Growing Up: A New Environment for Hedge Funds

The KPMG/AIMA/MFA global hedge fund survey looks at HF managers’ 5 year expectations on investor capital sources, markets, new products, and strategies.

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