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KPMG GTDR&C professionals recognized by International Tax Review

GTDR&C professionals recognized by ITR

International Tax Review (ITR) has released its 2017 edition of their Tax Controversy Leaders guide. In this year’s edition, 122 KPMG Tax professionals have been included as some of the best tax controversy leaders worldwide.


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KPMG Professionals recognized by ITR

International Tax Review (ITR) has released its 2017 edition of their Tax Controversy Leaders guide. In this year’s edition, 122 KPMG Tax professionals have been included as some of the best tax controversy leaders worldwide.

Those featured were selected based on a minimum number of nominations received, as well as on their outstanding work from the past year and consistently positive feedback from their peers and clients.


Our congratulations go out to the following partners for the incredible work they do to deliver quality service to our clients every day:

Adam Gibbs, KPMG Australia

Alex Patrick, KPMG Australia

Angela Wood, KPMG Australia

Angelina Lagana, KPMG Australia

Ben Opie, KPMG Australia

David Drummond, KPMG Australia

John Salvaris, KPMG Australia

Mark Poole, KPMG Australia

Rick Asquini, KPMG Australia

Ross Hocking, KPMG Australia

Sarah Blakelock, KPMG Australia

Sarah Dunn, KPMG Australia

Barbara Polster, KPMG in Austria

Dirk van Stappen, KPMG in Belgium

Véronique Slachmuylders, KPMG in Belgium

Justin Kutyan, KPMG in Canada

Kristen Duerhammer, KPMG in Canada

Michel Bourque, KPMG in Canada

Paul Lynch, KPMG in Canada

Francisco Lyon, KPMG in Chile

Curtis Ng, KPMG China

David Ling, KPMG China

Lewis Lu, KPMG China

Lilly Li, KPMG China

Camilo Rodriguez, KPMG in Colombia

Vicente Javier Torres, KPMG in Colombia

Maja Maksimovic, KPMG in Crotia

Petr Toman, KPMG in the Czech Republic

Henrik Lund, KPMG Acor Tax

Johnny Bøgebjerg, KPMG Acor Tax

Martin Nielsen, KPMG Acor Tax

Peter Bjare, KPMG Acor Tax

Eric Sandelin, KPMG in Finland

Jarno Mäkelä, KPMG in Finland

Jussi Järvinen, KPMG in Finland

Audrey-Laure Illouz, FIDAL

Laurence Mazevet, FIDAL

Martin Lenz, KPMG in Germany

Angela Iliadis, KPMG in Greece

Effie Adamidou, KPMG in Greece

Ashok Hariharan, KPMG Oman

Craig Richardson, KPMG in Qatar

Ebrahim Baeshen, KPMG in Saudi Arabia

Rasheed Al-Qenae, KPMG in Kuwait

Zubair Patel, KPMG in Kuwait

Ayesha Lau, KPMG  in Hong Kong

Michael Olesnicky, KPMG  in Hong Kong

Michael Glover, KPMG in Hungary

Hardev Singh, KPMG in India

Hasnain Shroff, KPMG in India

Rahul K Mitra, KPMG in India

Rohan Phatarphekar, KPMG in India

Sunil Badala, KPMG in India

Waman Kale, KPMG in India

Abraham Pierre, KPMG in Indonesia

Eko Prajanto, KPMG in Indonesia

Michael Farrell, KPMG in Ireland

Brajeshwar Banerjee, KPMG in Japan

Takayuki Kozu, KPMG in Japan

Yuichi Komakine, KPMG in Japan

Laurent Engel, KPMG in Luxembourg

Philippe Neefs, KPMG in Luxembourg

Lian Seng Soh, KPMG in Malaysia

Nicholas Crist, KPMG in Malaysia

Suelynn Ng, KPMG in Malaysia

Antonio Ramirez, KPMG in Mexico

Manuel Llaca, KPMG in Mexico

Agata Uceda, KPMG Meijburg & Co

Marc Temme, KPMG Meijburg & Co

Ruud Berendse, KPMG Meijburg & Co

Anders H Liland, KPMG in Norway

Svein Gunnar Andresen, KPMG in Norway

Thor Leegaard, KPMG in Norway

Herminigildo Murakami, KPMG in Philippines

Mary Karen Quizon, KPMG in Philippines

Dariusz Malinowski, KPMG in Poland

Peter Kay, KPMG in Poland

Alexandra Martins, KPMG in Portugal

Antonio Américo Coelho, KPMG in Portugal

Gustavo Amaral, KPMG in Portuga

lLuis Magalhaes, KPMG in Portugal

Rolando Lopez, KPMG in Puerto Rico

Niculae Done, KPMG in Romania

Andrey Ermolaev, KPMG in Russia

Andrey Grachev, KPMG in Russia

Anton Zykov, KPMG in Russia

Irina Orlova-Panina, KPMG in Russia

Mikhail Orlov, KPMG in Russia

Stanislav Denisenko, KPMG in Russia

Geoffrey Soh, KPMG in Singapore

Oi Leng Mak, KPMG in Singapore

Yew Kwong Leung, KPMG in Singapore

Andre Meyburgh, KPMG in South Africa

Johan van der Walt, KPMG in South Africa

Muhammad Saloojee, KPMG in South Africa

Jeong Wook Choi, KPMG in South Korea

Carolina del Campo, KPMG in Spain

Jose Diaz-Faes, KPMG in Spain

Julio César Garcia Muñoz, KPMG in Spain

Montserrat Trape, KPMG in Spain

Suresh R I Perera, KPMG in Sri Lanka

Hans Eklund, KPMG in Sweden

Markus Wyss, KPMG in Switzerland

Albert Gau, KPMG in Taiwan

Abdulkadir Kahraman, KPMG in Turkey

Amanda Brown, KPMG in the UK

Julie Hughff, KPMG in the UK

Kevin Elliott, KPMG in the UK

Oleg Chayka, KPMG in the Ukraine

Sergiy Popov, KPMG in the Ukraine

Tatiana Zamorska, KPMG in the Ukraine

Brian Trauman, KPMG in the US

Dante Lucas, KPMG in the US

Erin Collins, KPMG in the US

Frank Lavadera, KPMG in the US

Jose Manuel Ramirez, KPMG in the US

Mike Dolan, KPMG in the US

Peter H Blessing, KPMG in the US

Sean Foley, KPMG in the US

Sharon Katz-Pearlman, KPMG in the US

Steven Wrappe, KPMG in the US

Thomas Zollo, KPMG in the US


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