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Market Update: Oil & Gas

Market Update: Oil & Gas

Monthly report focusing on the trends and price volatility facing the O&G sector and how the global market reacts.

Monthly report focusing on the trends and price volatility facing the O&G sector.

Oil & gas markets: monthly roundup – July 2018

A closer look at industry M&A activity and consolidation on the Norwegian continental shelf

• “Companies on the NCS are transforming from smaller exploration companies into significant entities with complete life cycle activity including exploration, development and production, hereunder operatorship”   

     — Per Daniel Nyberg, Partner, KPMG in Norway

• "Despite prevailing harsh weather conditions and relatively higher cost developments, given its clear resource potential we believe the relatively unexplored West of Shetlands region will continue to be a bright spot for growth within the UKCS for the foreseeable future.”

    — Mr. Mohammed Chunara, Associate Director, Energy & Natural Resources, KPMG in the UK


• “Industry M&A activity has been increasing as confidence grows in pricing and future demand. Players are focused on securing deals now, rather than risk paying at the top of the market. Over the past month it has become clear that global confidence in specific Australian M&A opportunities in the industry is strengthening, this is a good signal for Australian O&G, its future prospects and counter concerns about the Australian investment environment and sovereign risk."

    — Jonathon Peacock, Partner Advisory, KPMG Australia


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"Faced by the recent rise in oil prices and softening of demand for its goods, the balance of China’s economy is being further pushed by the changing political landscape..."
 –  Oliver Hsieh, Director, Commodity & Energy Risk Management, KPMG in Singapore

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