Data & Analytics: From insights to value

Data & Analytics: From insights to value

As D&A becomes mainstream, executives – and their boards – are starting to question whether they are getting full value from their D&A initiatives.

Organizations are sharpening their focus on driving value from their D&A investments.

Data and Analytics (D&A) has entered the mainstream; leading organizations are now starting to view D&A as a formal strategy, not just as a disparate set of technology projects.

Indeed, as Data and Analytics: A New Driver of Performance and Valuation reports, a new virtuous circle is emerging within D&A. Companies that invest wisely in data and analytics technologies and human expertise are likely to develop effective D&A strategies. As these strategies improve companies’ fundamental businesses and operating models, they achieve stronger competitive positions and higher market valuations. These results, in turn, encourage companies to continue developing the right data and analytics strategies.

But, as D&A becomes mainstream, executives – and their boards – are increasingly starting to question whether their organizations are truly realizing the full value of the insights they are getting from their data. Some are concerned that they may not be sophisticated enough in their approach to D&A to drive actionable insights. Others are struggling to align their D&A initiatives to address critical business issues and needs. And, as Going beyond the data: Turning data from insights into value finds, many are now missing out on new areas of opportunity and competitive advantage.

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Innovating at KPMG

Innovating at KPMG

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