ConsumerCurrents Issue 18

ConsumerCurrents Issue 18

This issue of ConsumerCurrents discusses how consumer companies are addressing challenges and opportunities resulting from the tectonic shifts in technology, global demographics and the economy. Topics include pricing strategy, customer loyalty, online business models and the rise of ASEAN.


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Articles in this edition:

  • Waste not, want not: Tackling food waste to help the industry’s bottom line
  • Next tech: The future of nutrigenomics
  • Zombie brands: Breathing new life into old brands
  • Adapting customer loyalty: A shift in loyalty management
  • Chairman of John Lewis: Interview on his company today, tomorrow and beyond
  • Pricing: Defining the right strategy for your business
  • Tracking shoppers in-store: How retailers are using technology to track customers in-store to boost sales.
  • ASEAN tigers: The allure of the emerging ASEAN marketplace
  • Boxing clever: ‘Discovery retail’ at its finest with US e-tailer, Birchbox
  • Leading from behind: HCL's CEO reorganized his company to accelerate innovation

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ConsumerCurrents provides senior executives and consumer companies insights on topical industry issues, global trends and business planning.

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