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Smaller Established Markets : Infrastructure100

Whether they need to renew their infrastructure or build it up, these countries are making manageable, affordable investments that should improve their national competitiveness. Strong transnational networks should reduce these smaller nations’ dependence on single sources of energy, food or raw materials.

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As this year’s Infrastructure 100 demonstrates, most of the smaller established markets have a common penchant for domestic financing, despite wide variations in the maturity of their economies and infrastructure. With public sector funding becoming more difficult to access – many of these economies are now seeking to expand the use of private investment.

While many governments in these markets have been able to develop strong domestic infrastructure programs that involve manageable, affordable chunks of infrastructure, the greatest challenge will forever be scale.


Key takeaways

  • With demographic pressures at home, smaller countries are looking abroad for project finance but struggle to attract the interest of international investors.
  • Foreign investors will only step into long-term financing arrangements if there is long-term certainty.
  • International investors are most attracted by a regular flow of projects.
  • Inter- and intra-regional collaborations are increasing.

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