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Qatar – New Tax Administration System, tax relief for investment funds

Qatar: New tax administration system

Qatar’s Ministry of Finance and Public Revenue and Taxes Department launched a new Tax Administration System (TAS), an online system for tax filings, tax payments and file management processes. In a separate development, Qatar extended the scope of its tax exemption for listed companies to also include publicly traded investment funds.


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Automating and improving taxpayer services

Qatar’s new TAS system is in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to completely automate and improve services to taxpayers through greater data integration, heightened efficiency and reduced manual operations.

The new TAS portal on the Ministry of Finance’s website provides a wealth of information, including general information on the PRTD, tax regulations and tax treaties, links to government departments, and taxpayer registration and log-in areas. The portal also provides a platform enabling the taxpayer and its tax adviser to access current and historic return data, submissions, forms, notifications, queries and other correspondence.

As the TAS has been up and running since 28 September 2014, taxpayers are advised to consider taking the following steps immediately:

  • authorize their tax advisors to obtain login credentials for the company
  • confirm that the historic tax data recorded by TAS is correct and complete
  • ensure that the correct company information is recorded by TAS for delivery of PRTD correspondence
  • prepare on-line filing for September withholding tax (WHT) statements for 15 October 2014, as applicable
  • prepare online filing of income tax returns for prior years, and for the year ended 30 June 2014, as applicable
  • prepare online application for tax registrations and tax card renewals
  • prepare manual submissions of tax returns and tax card applications and renewals, during the transition period

For more details, read the Tax Alert from KPMG in Qatar.


Under Law 17 of 2014, companies and investment funds, the shares and units of which are listed on the stock exchange, are exempted from income tax. The exemption also applies to capital gains derived from trading in these listed shares and units.

This Law repeals Law No. 20 of 2008, which provided for the exemption only of listed companies from income tax. The Law 17 of 2014 was enacted on 15 September 2014 and takes effect after its publication in the Official Gazette.

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