Mature International Markets

Mature International Markets

Boasting dynamic international economies open to a wide variety of private investment opportunities in infrastructure, these markets recognize infrastructure’s importance to economic growth and have developed innovative solutions to sustain infrastructure investment in an age of fiscal austerity.

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A combination of privatization, regulation and a wide range of investors has heightened competition for infrastructure in these markets. While many impressive projects designed to boost economic development are in the pipeline, many of these markets continue to struggle with access to finance and key skills. 

As this year’s Infrastructure 100 report suggests, the ability to compete globally for finance and talent will determine whether the momentum in these markets is maintained. 

Although countries are striving to tackle the skills shortage through academies and other links to further education, they also need to ensure that there is a continuous availability of challenging work for these individuals. Otherwise, talent will emigrate in search of new opportunities.

Key takeaways

  • Governments have been prepared to intervene to support projects
  • Limited supply of specialist talent could threaten momentum
  • Ageing populations could affect state funding
  • Asset sales or privatizations are likely to increase

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