Megatrend: Technology - A revolutionary force disrupting business models

Megatrend: Technology - A revolutionary force

Technology trends continue to act as major drivers of social, economic and environmental change. As well as underpinning many of the trends impacting the industry, technology also presents an ever-increasing range of solutions to deal with the challenges presented.


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Technology - disrupting business models

The digital revolution continues to change every aspect of our personal and business lives, creating new opportunities and disrupting existing business models.

New technologies are being adopted faster and innovation cycles are shortening.

The explosive growth in data has organizations and governments grappling with how best to capture, analyze and leverage these large data sets or ‘big data’.

Harnessing the increasing volume of data provides valuable insights into clients’ needs, requirements and behaviors and helps personalize product and services, thereby building increased loyalty. 

For investment managers keeping abreast of investors changing expectations in terms of access, connectivity and service is likely to create significant challenges. At the same time, leveraging the exponential volume of data created in relation to investor needs and behaviors is likely to become an increasingly important competitive differentiation.

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