INSIGHT: Population

INSIGHT: Population

INSIGHT is a semi-annual magazine that provides a broad scope of local, regional and global perspectives on many of the key issues facing today's global infrastructure industry.

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The link between shifting demographics and infrastructure is undeniable. This edition of Insight takes a closer look at the unprecedented population changes we are seeing and explores the challenges cities, government and developers face as urban areas densify and resources become strained. 

Key industry players share their views and perspectives on how these game-changing factors are influencing the way infrastructure is planned, prioritized, funded, operated and maintained. Our authors talk to demographers, government leaders, infrastructure planners and developers to investigate how the current approach to infrastructure planning will adjust to massive population growth. New approaches are starting to emerge; ones that recognize the forces of demographic change and set a vision for a more sustainable world. 

This edition also features a Special Report on Asia Pacific, a region at the center of the demographic shift now underway. 

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