Procurement Operating Models

Procurement Operating Models

Procurement’s journey from a behind the scenes function to a value driver and competitive differentiator has received much attention in recent years. With this rising importance, organizations are beginning to increasingly question and re-examine the approaches their own procurement functions utilize.

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While taking this closer look, C-suite executives are also asking questions like “what should my procurement function look like and why?” and “is there a pure and all encompassing operating model?” It becomes essential to not simply consider an “end-state” operating model but to focus on continually aligning that procurement operating model with the evolving strategic focus of the enterprise.

CPO’s around the world are continuously striving to achieve the optimal procurement operating model. They grapple with the question of whether a centralized or decentralized procurement function has the capability to drive the greatest cost savings and value for their organization. In this series, listen to Volker Pyrtek and Detlef Schultz discuss their experiences and approaches to procurement operating models, and how they’ve organized the procurement functions to drive increasing value and strategic impact to their respective organizations.

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A video series discussing key challenges and trends in procurement and supply chain management.

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