Telecom operators and carriers are developing smart mobile security services

Telecom operators and carriers are developing smart...

Clearly, more mobile traffic and more consumer services will lead to increased demand for mobile carriers and operators. But given the trend towards more commoditized data volume businesses, it seems inevitable that – to survive in longer-term – operators will need to differentiate themselves and renew their businesses by offering smart security services built on top of their data traffic, and delivering a superior and secure experience to their customers.

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"Mobile operators and carriers are already in a unique position to provide a broad range of mobile services but they will need to migrate to a user-oriented mindset and focus on the whole end-to-end customer experience."

Greg Bell, Information Protection and Business Resiliency Service Leader, KPMG in the US

Opportunity: Deliver personal ‘trust’ services to consumers

As consumers increasingly shift their critical personal tasks such as banking and commerce onto their mobile devices, issues such as identity protection, transaction integrity, security and liability rise to the surface. This provides a unique opportunity for carriers and operators that can provide targeted security services to their customers such as personal fraud watch and management, consumer app risk management, and personal trust management.

Opportunity: Develop consumer identity management services

In a quest to reduce operating cost and become more agile, many organizations are now looking for opportunities to outsource their customer identity management requirements to a third party consumer identity provider (IdP). Mobile carriers and operators may have a strong vantage point for entering the market: they already know who the user is, where they live, which devices they carry and possibly even their financial information and real-time location, all important attributes of a strong user identity system.

Opportunity: Provide device and application management services

As corporate customers continue to shift functions out of their business, carriers and operators may see growth potential in providing mobile and application management capabilities as part of the company’s standard telecom services. This would essentially provide the benefits of consolidated telecom and mobile management billing with single-sourced support service and simplified vendor management.

Opportunity: Mobilize security services

While corporate security systems have traditionally been deployed on fixed infrastructure, the shift to mobile has made it clear that fixed infrastructure is increasingly ill-suited for a workforce that is constantly on the go. This leaves a valuable opportunity for carriers and operators to help organizations manage their security environment.


An overview of KPMG International’s Mobile Security report, which identifies a number of emerging opportunities for telecoms and technology companies.

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