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The broadening role of General Counsel

The broadening role of General Counsel

KPMG International has been offering insights into the role of General Counsel for many years. Through analysis and in-depth interviews with GC and other senior counsel in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, we look at how General Counsel (GC) are being called upon to play a more important role in how businesses operate and how they are managing different kinds of risk and guiding corporate conduct.




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The evidence gathered from these interviews demonstrates how many GC are becoming increasingly involved in matters that are not strictly legal, such as risk management and business strategy. As they continue this transition to a broader role, it is likely that even more will be expected from GC by the Board and senior management and GC will continue to risk to the challenge.

KPMG survey reveals that GC are being called upon to play a greater role in the running of companies, particularly in the management of risk.

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