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Brazil Mining Factsheet

Brazil Mining Factsheet

Brazil is one of the world’s largest democracies with strong and well-diversified economy including a large mining sector.


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Brazil mining factsheet

The country has benefited from a plentiful supply of natural resources along with greater macroeconomic stability, following significant reforms in the 1990’s.Brazil has becoming an attractive as a place to invest and do business, with the country’s attractiveness demonstrated by the Fraser Institutes 2010-2011 survey of mining companies which ranked Brazil 9th among 79 countries.

As Brazil’s strong growth is expected to continue combined with its large mineral potential, the country will continue to remain an attractive and an important destination for those in the mining and resource sector.

Quick facts:

  • In 2010 Brazil surpassed Italy to become the seventh largest global economy, with a GDP of US$2,141.9 billion
  • Brazil ranked 38th among 82 countries under EIU business environment ranking for 2006-2010
  • Until 2014 Brazil’s economy is expected to achieve annual growth of between 5-6.5
  • Brazil produces and markets nearly 90 mineral commodities
  • By 2030, the country’s mining sector output is likely to increase more than 200%

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