The Rising Sun - A Point of View on the Solar Energy Sector in India

The Rising Sun - A Point of View on the Solar Ene...

In this report, KPMG has analyzed how solar power can contribute to addressing the energy challenges facing the nation today. The report showcases the true potential of this great source of energy and we hope it serves to instigate the action and commitment that this sector deserves.

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Some of the key messages from this Thought Leadership include:


  • Solar Energy can help India meet about 7 percent of its power need and mitigate 2.6 percent of its carbon emissions by 2022;
  • Solar Energy can also offset about 30 percent of India’s imported coal requirement, saving USD 5.5 billion annually in foreign exchange by 2022;
  • The Solar sector can provide investment opportunities across the value chain to the tune of USD 110 billion and employment generation to a million people over the next decade.


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