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Against a backdrop of diminished trust in 'big business', and financial services in particular, there is a clear opportunity to enhance transparency and communication for insurers.

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Governance and people

“With its long-term profile and actuarial insights into global risks, the insurance industry is uniquely placed to play a leading role in forging a model of capitalism that contributes to a more prosperous, sustainable and equitable world.”

Serena Brown,

Global Citizenship, KPMG in the UK


Financial institutions are increasingly subject to public scrutiny, with greater expectations of good governance since the global financial crisis. Against a backdrop of diminished trust in ‘big business’, and financial services in particular, there is a clear opportunity to enhance transparency and communication. Trust is shifting from being earned through customer engagement to being dispensed through social media, and the penalty for breaching trust is immediate and severe, with companies potentially being ‘defriended’ for life. Successfully building trust will create value, especially as intangibles are increasingly recognized on corporate balance sheets.

Key business issues that insurers must consider:

  • Good governance and responsibility is of mounting importance 
  • Trust in financial services is among the lowest of any industry

To stimulate the debate on these complex and far-reaching issues, we invite you to join the conversation

We want to hear your views
  1. Do you see insurers taking a more proactive role in leveraging the corporate responsibility agenda to better compete for top talent?
  2. How do you see the evolution of social networks helping to build trust in financial services and to better engage with customers and other stakeholders?

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