Foresight: A Global Infrastructure Perspective

Easy to read, short insights into trends and issues facing the infrastructure industry.

Easy to read, short insights into trends and issues facing the infrastructure industry.

Demand for new urban transit options continues to rise. With this increasing pressure, cities are drawing on future land value expectations today to fund the development of better transit options. And it’s working.

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Energy2Go: The new battleground for energy customers

A combination of deregulation and technology is breaking down borders and could soon enable consumers to buy energy from a single provider.

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Emerging trends in infrastructure 2017

See our predictions on the top 10 emerging trends in infrastructure for 2017.

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When contractors become equity investors

New equity investors and equity structures are starting to play a larger role...

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India commits to infrastructure

The Indian government has pledged one of the highest ever levels of annual infrastructure spend.

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Navigating infrastructure opportunities under the new US administration

Newly elected US President Trump has pledged firm commitment to improving infrastructure and has promised US$1 trillion investment.

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Reducing cost variances in infrastructure megaprojects

Far too often, infrastructure projects are approved for execution without enough due diligence to ensure that cost and schedule estimates are realistic.

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The implications of Community Solar

A grassroots revolution is starting to spread through the US utility and energy space..

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It’s time to get excited about energy storage

Long viewed as the ‘slow-moving experiment’ of energy wonks and physicists, energy storage has recently exploded into the mainstream.

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Brazil’s pragmatic new infrastructure program

With 34 infrastructure concessions and privatization programs, Brazil’s government hopes to attract private investors.

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