Frontiers in Finance

Frontiers in Finance


The focus of the latest issue of Frontiers in Finance is on having the courage to change.

The focus of the latest issue of Frontiers is on having the courage to change.

New opportunities

The articles in this edition of Frontiers in Finance show how the financial services industry is facing challenges right across the horizon. Leaders in our industry have to develop new ways of nurturing talent, clarity and the environment in which to succeed. In particular, they now have to confront the whole question of digital adoption and enablement, and face the challenge of change in multiple dimensions.

Yet in a rapidly-changing world, there are also new and different opportunities to find innovative ways of serving new customer needs; and to adapt better and faster than the competition to satisfy existing demands.

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Frontiers in Finance considers how new non-banks and alternative lenders can avoid burdensome regulation by buiding consumer and regulator trust.

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Banks navigate the innovation trail

Dynamic partnerships with fintech startups will help banks introduce digital innovation.

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Insurers drive finance and actuarial transformation

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Act now on innovation

There is a need for strategic new approaches to innovation among asset management firms

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A resilient cyber security model for financial services

As digital business grows, banks and insurers need focused cyber security strategies.

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Banks can turn PSD2 regulation into payments innovation

EU open banking standards could enable banks to launch innovative global payment methods.

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