KPMG’s dedicated global Automotive sector works with some of the largest and most successful automotive companies in the world.

KPMG’s dedicated global Automotive sector works with some of the largest and most...

Our Automotive network, based in our member firms around the world, brings together our audit, tax and advisory professionals to help us take a broad ranging approach to our clients’ activities within the industry.

Our services focus on assisting our firms' clients to address key issues facing the automotive industry including:

  • reporting and regulation

  • sustainability and the environment

  • plant location, closures and relocation

  • emerging market companies

  • evolving distribution channels

  • consumer trends

  • private equity investment

  • improving operational efficiencies

  • market entry and expansion

  • business operating model structure.

The global automotive market is diverse. It ranges from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and component manufacturers, to dealerships and commercial vehicle manufacturers. There is potential for growth across many areas, from the booming manufacturing and domestic markets in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other developing economies, to the research and development of ‘greener’ vehicles and fuels. KPMG’s global Automotive sector offers a pro-active, forward-thinking service to our firms' clients to help ensure that the potential for growth that the industry is currently witnessing is not missed, and that the issues and challenges faced by the industry can be overcome.

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