EMA Webcast: How to design a successful auction for renewable energy projects?

Global Energy Institute

27 April 2016, 2:00PM - 3:00PM, CET

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In its new State Aid guidelines, the European Commission presents auctioning as the standard procedure for allocating support for renewable energies. The guidelines are intended to address the market distortions that may result from national subsidies granted to renewable energy sources. Although auctioning can in theory be a useful instrument, experience all over the world shows mixed results. What should be done in order to design a successful auction for renewable energy projects?


This webinar helps participants understand the impact of the European Commission Initiative, against the background of recent experience in countries like UK and Germany and in regard to further improving its design, making outcomes more predictable, upscaling the size and evaluating under which conditions auctioning is a suitable instrument to meet ambitious renewable energy targets.


Learn more about:

  • The main changes in renewable energy incentive practice in Europe
  • The potential benefits of auctioning
  • The procedure for gradually moving to market-based support of renewable energy
  • Possible drawbacks of the new system
  • Designing a successful auction for renewable energy projects


Presenters will share regional insights and lessons learned, especially in UK and Germany.


Rainer Heidorn, KPMG LAW in Germany (Host)

Anurag Gupta, Director, KPMG in UK

Diala Hawila, Associate Programme Officer at IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), Abu Dhabi

Ronald Van de Ven, Case Handler, DG Competition (Brussels), European Commission


Who should watch?

The webcast is a must for CFOs, CROs, controllers, executives in strategy of utilities, renewable energy companies, executives in project and risk management, operations, energy trading companies.


> LAUNCH WEBCAST (Click link to view this on-demand webcast)


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