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Prospects for the energy industry (only in Brazilian Portuguese)

Energy perspectives webcast, which draws parallels with the prospects of CEOs of large corporations

15 December 2015, 6:00AM - 7:00AM, BRT



KPMG's Energy Institute in Latin America is pleased to make the recording of the webcast held on December 15 available, in which the results of the recently launched KPMG publication Global CEO Outlook: Energy Perspective, were discussed.


The publication draws parallels with the prospects of CEOs of large corporations from various sectors with the CEOs of energy companies in different countries. According to the publication, this has been a turbulent year for many companies, but the CEOs of the energy sector seem cautiously optimistic about what is to come for their organizations. According to the KPMG's publication Global CEO Outlook, 42% of the CEOs of energy are more confident about the prospects of growth of their enterprises in comparison to last year. Already in the other industries, the optimism is higher, reaching 54% of the CEOs.


Despite the significant challenges ranging from the fall in energy prices up to the increase in environmental regulations and the threat of newcomers to the market, the CEOs of the energy industry remain focused on growth. Global expansion is a particularly high priority on the agenda, with 52% of CEOs planning to dedicate significant financial resources for their efforts of expansion.


In the energy sector, success in the future will require more than access to sources of energy and delivery mechanisms. Companies will need to change the way they do business to ensure that all aspects of their strategy are aligned, aiming to achieve their goals in a world of depressed prices and greater competition. New innovations and technologies and human resource management will become even more important for ensuring that companies are acting in the most effective way possible to serve their clients.






Martiniano Lopes, the industry leader in Energy and Natural Resources of Latin America, addressing:

  • Development of new growth strategies
  • Stronger focus on the customer
  • Geographic expansion.
  • Reduction on the cost structure
  • Promotion of innovation
  • How to transform my Products & Processes into services.


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