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Tax Trek and Legal Trek

Tax Trek and Legal Trek

Build international relationships and see how tax and legal operate in different parts of the world through our Tax Trek and Legal Trek programs.

Find out how you could work in other countries.

We transport ambitious and talented tax and legal professionals to different locations around the world. Join us and you’ll have the opportunity to develop the skills you need to make an impact in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace.

If you become a ‘Tax Trekker or Legal Trekker’ you’ll embark on a three-to-six-month global assignment. You’ll be immersed in a different culture, building international relationships and connections while gaining new perspectives. It will be a unique chance for you to see how tax and legal operates in a different part of the world, developing and cultivating your knowledge, credibility, confidence and curiosity. The outcome? You’ll be able to deliver even greater value and insights to clients.

Tax Trek and Legal Trek are just one of the ways our tax and legal professionals receive continuous learning and development.

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